2 CD or not 2 CD July 03 2009, 0 Comments

A few reasons Ya Digg Records is going to carry a few CDs

1. Detroit Hip Hop – Shouts out to D.S. Sense(Insomnia Music), Tasherre D’enajectic and Doctor Illingsworth(Detroit CYDI)

2. Independent Soul Music – Shouts out to MO(m o s i a c t h u m p) and Trelly(ONUTSS)

3. Detroit Punk Rock – Shouts out to The Frustrations(X-Recs)

Shiftless Decay New Sounds of Detroit compilation

4. The Rebirth of Jazz – Shouts out to Mack Avenue Records

5. Independent Record Stores – Shouts out to Vibes New and Rare Music(RIP), Detroit Threads, Street Corner Music, Record Time, Mr. Peabody(Chicago) and A-Musik(Cologne, Germany)